Week 6

Lawrence Judge: Paris made me do something I’m not comfortable with.

Doctor Hedge: What was that?

LJ: Something intimate.

DH: Are we talking about sex?

LJ: Not exactly. But it’s very intimate, and I feel guilty for doing it.

DH: Why don’t you say no?

LJ: It’s hard to say no to her.

DH: That makes it sound like you wanted to do this in the first place.

LJ: Does it?

DH: It does. Often times men who cheat on their wives…

LJ: I am NOT cheating on Jeanine!

DH: Calm down, I didn’t say you were… I was just saying, it’s often the case with men who DO cheat that they rationalize doing something they want to do by claiming someone else wants them to do it. But it is all ultimately your choice, isn’t it? Paris can’t literally MAKE you do anything.

LJ: She can, though.

DH: You’re trying to shift responsibility.

LJ: I’m really not, and I will get super pissed in a second if you keep saying that I am.

DH: Okay, we don’t want that. How does she make you do things?

LJ: I can’t tell you.

DH: She blackmails you?

LJ: That’s pretty accurate.

DH: I see. Well, that IS different than what I pictured. I’m sorry.

LJ: Thank you.

DH: So you definitely don’t want to do this intimate thing Paris makes you do?

LJ: Um… well, I don’t want to hurt Jeanine.

DH: That’s not the same thing.

LJ: No, I know.

DH: Do you feel guilty because you like it, Lawrence?

LJ: Yeah.

DH: But you feel you can’t say no?

LJ: I really can’t.

Week 6

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