Jan 5th

Current Caseload: 1
Current Position: Major Crimes Unit Detective Lieutenant
Detectives in Unit: 1 (Detective Park)

10:45 Relieve offgoing Lt. Hawkins. Receive one case, homicide. Victim: Timothy “Spaz” Reilley.

11:00 Checking primary case from Detective Spinoza. Requested follow up with families of Randy Pirelli, Luke Jones, Alan Johnson, and Walter Ford.

11:25 Phone contact with Melissa Pirelli, declines statement.

11:40 Personal contact at Pirelli apartment. Eventual statement.

12:40 Phone contact with Luke Jones, Sr. False statements made, detention and questioning.

2:40 Waiting on public defender.

3:30 Release of Luke Jones, Sr. Conflicting statements given, entered in as supplemental to case.

3:45 Attempted phone contacts.

5:00 Interview with Angie Johnson, Ellen Johnson, and Roy Johnson. Statements taken.

7:00 Relieved by Lt. Bertinelli.

Jan 5th

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