Jan 4th

Current Caseload: 1
Current Position: Major Crimes Unit Detective Lieutenant
Detectives in Unit: 1 (Detective Park)

10:45 Relieved offgoing Lt. O’Donnell. Received passdown, two cases assigned to swing shift.

11:00 Follow up lead for RICO case in Salem.

12:00 Assist in Salem homicide case. Victim: Dirk Reiner deceased January 1st. Dead by hanging, victim is in the family tree of historical personage Stephan Sewell. Possible witchcraft motive.
Detective King Lee as primary.

2:00 Coroner’s report indicates victim had no injuries not directly related to strangulation. Hands and feet were not restrained.

4:00 Attempted to check crime scene, no new evidence.

7:00 Relieved by Lt. Orland.

Jan 4th

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