The GhostSquad

Paranormal Investigators


Tuesdays @2:00am on FOX25 watch Paranormal Investigators Kerry, Kristen, James, Rachael and Andrew as they explore the haunted places of New England in the Ghost Squad.


[Listed as Shown Left to Right]
Kerry Brennan: The second founding member of the Ghost Squad Kerry is pretty deep into the occult, swearing that she’s encountered ghosts on multiple occasions, she convinced James to start the Ghost Squad with her. She works as a spiritual councilor by day.
Kristen Addams: James’ girlfriend and sort of an airhead, she’s the cute girl with the cute scream on the show. She’s the one that got the Ghost Squad it’s TV deal, and she has a pretty big following on the show, a lot of viewers tune in just to see her react to even the smallest scares with complete panic. She doesn’t have a job outside of Ghost Squad and her father is a TV producer in Boston.
James Moning: Founder and leader of the Ghost Squad and scientific skeptic, designed most of the ‘supernatural’ tracking gear the team uses. Has a degree in electrical engineering from MIT and is a systems engineer for Raytheon during the day.
Rachael Briggs: The fiancee of Andrew, Rachael believes more in the supernatural than Andrew, she considers herself a member of the Wiccan church and has a degree in Literature from Boston College. She is a librarian by day.
Andrew Black: Video tech and cameraman for the Ghost Squad he’s here cause James is one of his best friends and his fiancee Rachael is big into the supernatural, doesn’t really buy into the whole ‘ghost hunting’ thing but it pays the bills. Is in charge of all the cameras and most of the actual broadcast gear. The Ghost Squad is his only job.

The GhostSquad

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