Doctor Amelia Raven

Young Doctor


Aspect: Vampire
Bloodline: Tremere
Organization: Rogue
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Standing at 5’6" Doctor Raven is on the attractive side of things, but with a sort of frenzied concentration in her apple green eyes. She maintains her bright red hair in mostly long styles preferring to let her hair down than keep it up. She can usually be found in more casual clothing than you would expect of someone of her profession, preferring easy to move clothing over the classic pantsuit.


Turned in the 1950s when she was still the Director of Danvers State Hospital, before she got her Doctorate by Aurelius Ambrose. She helped Doctor Ambrose with his experiements, often collecting subjects for him to test and venturing into the mindscape to collect data. It was during one of these incursions that she met Simon and was convinced that he was the root of all evil, that if she could find a way to defeat him they would never have to deal with another mentally ill person, that the world would quite frankly, be saved. Doctor Ambrose did not agree with her zealous attempts to understand and ultimately defeat Simon, cautioning patience. They had all the time in the world, but Doctor Raven only saw the suffering that Simon’s touch was causing all throughout the world and couldn’t stand by. She defied and diablorized her sire in order to increase the depth and length that she could dive, straining the structure of Danvers till it started falling apart, leading to the collapse of it’s mental health mandate and driving Doctor Raven to desperate and murderous extremes to keep the facility functioning.

During the exploration of the facility she was cornered by the explorers but managed to escape by melding with the wall of the underground room she was using to keep the facility at Danvers State Hospital functional. She went on the run abandoning her practice and home in Boston.

She has shown up in several location in a westerly direction across Mass being pursued by Christopher Browne, who has narrowed down her location to somewhere in Western Mass or Upstate New York.

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Doctor Amelia Raven

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