Dante D'Antonio Vespucci

Made Man


Clan: Ventrue | Generation: 9th
Nature: Competitor | Demeanor: Traditionalist
Haven: Benetti Automotives

Strength: 2 | Dexterity: 3 | Stamina: 3
Charisma: 4 [Smooth Talker] | Manipulation: 4 [Persuasive] | Appearance: 2
Perception: 2 | Intelligence: 2 | Wits: 2

Alertness: 1 | Athletics: 0 | Brawl: 0 | Dodge: 1 | Empathy: 2 | Expression: 2 | Intimidation: 5 [Interrogation] | Leadership: 4 [Compelling] | Streetwise: 0 | Subterfuge: 1
Animal Ken: 0 | Crafts: 0 | Drive: 1 | Etiquette: 1 | Firearms: 4 [Pistols] | Melee: 0 | Performance: 0 | Security: 3 | Stealth: 1 | Survival: 0
Academics: 0 | Computer: 1 | Finance: 1 | Investigation: 1 | Law: 1 | Linguistics: 0 | Medicine: 0 | Occult: 0 | Politics: 1 | Science: 0

Generation: 4 | Resources: 3 | Influence: 2 [Italian Mob] | Herd: 3 | Allies: 4 | Contacts: 2
Ventrue Blood [Italian]
Vulnerability to Silver +2

Fortitude: 1 | Dominate: 2
Conscience: 1 | Self-Control: 4 | Courage: 5
Humanity: 5 | Willpower: 5 | Blood Pool: 14 14


You grew up in a very italian family in Boston, a good Catholic boy and a good soldier for the Vespucci mob as soon as you were able to start running messages up and down the streets of Boston. You’ve always been ambitious and moved quickly through the ranks, and were happy to take Rex’s money when he offered it.You are extremely fresh blood, having only been turned recently by Rex Steel, but he’s had you on payroll for years now, you recently married into the Vespucci family with some creative political maneuvering by your patron, your wife Alyessa Vespucci is the first daughter of Don Andre Vespucci, which puts you in an extremely powerful position within the organization and an extremely tedious one seeing as your loyalties lie with the Steel family. Rex waited to turn you till you had Alyessa pregnant, which was confirmed just over half a year ago, and your firstborn, Anthony is due to be born sometime in March. A fitting heir for the Vespucci bloodline, Rex is sure to be happy with the leverage this gives him over the Boston family.

Play Tips
- You have an extremely low Humanity for a new vampire this is because of your less than empathic profession, you’ve sent many people to sleep with the fishes and have no problems following orders what ever they are
- You play at the good soldier your demeanor being Traditionalist, but you are poised and ready to usurp this history following your nature of Competitor
- You are a skilled leader with the resources of the mob behind you, including a powerful allies in your father-in-law and wife, as well as scattered contacts throughout Boston
- Your skills as an interrogator are exceptional and you take a certain level of pleasure in making enemies of either the mob or the Steel Family talk
- Don’t be afraid to setup a fall guy for anything the Steel family asks you to do, your word is basically beyond reproach with your Father-in-law

Dante D'Antonio Vespucci

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