Weiß Säbel

Child Soldier


Aspect: Demon
House: Devourer
Organization: Luciferan
Gender: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Purple
Age: ?? [Appears to be in her mid to late teens or early 20s, but her mixed German/Asian heritage makes it hard to tell]


Apocalyptic Form: Zaltu Mien of the Beast -

Weapons: .3o8 Tactical Modified Hunter Stalker SWS 700 Remington Custom Rebuild, 5.56×45mm H&K G36A2, Franchi SPAS-12 with Expanded 8+1 Tube, .45 ACP H&K USP Elite, Westernized Tanto Chisel Tip Ceramic Combat Knife


Identified as Karen by Aerith upon first meeting.

Embodies the Sin of Ira (Wrath)

Weiß Säbel

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