Bridget Bishop

Hanged Witch


Aspect: Witch
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Age: 339 [Appears 14 or 15] Deceased

Standing at a short 5’1" Bridget Bishop is very childlike in appearance. Wearing a classic puritan style garb from the 1600s she seems to appear and disappear at will and is often associated with the appearance of large raven like birds. She doesn’t appear to be very strong but no one has tried to fight her yet, she did submit to being held captive for as long as it took her to recover her book unseen.


Bridget Bishop was one of the first convicted Witches during the infamous Salem Witch Trials, she maintained her innocence till she was hanged to death on the 10th of June 1692 after which her body was buried in an unmarked grave in a steel coffin in the graveyard abutting Salem Jail.

After a series of odd events in Salem, which included the death of a nearby lawyer with connections to the judge that sent her to the gallows, her grave was eventually identified. Upon exhuming the casket they found it empty and covered in scratches from the inside. An entity identifying itself as Bridget Bishop was encountered later while trying to recover the Al Azif grimoire from the explorers. Made a deal with the explorers to provide services, in this case a hand written spell diagram for the compulsion of Simon, in return for the return on her book. Ancestor of General Chris Blake and Jessica Blake.

Killed by a dagger from outside space and time wielded by Lawrence Judge at which point she burst into a flock of birds that scattered into shadow as they hit hard surfaces.

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Bridget Bishop

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