Rin Tanaka

Biker Princess


Clan: Brujah | Generation: 9th
Nature: Rogue | Demeanor: Bravo
Haven: Hiro’s Japanese Tea House and Bar

Strength: 2 | Dexterity: 5 7 [Swift] | Stamina: 3
Charisma: 4 [Commanding] | Manipulation: 1| Appearance: 3
Perception: 2 | Intelligence: 2 | Wits: 2

Alertness: 1 | Athletics: 1 | Brawl: 0 | Dodge: 3 | Empathy: 0 | Expression: 0 | Intimidation: 3 | Leadership: 1 | Streetwise: 3 | Subterfuge: 1
Animal Ken: 0 | Crafts: 0 | Drive: 4 [Motorcycles] | Etiquette: 0 | Firearms: 4 [Shotguns] | Melee: 0 | Performance: 1 | Security: 1 | Stealth: 1 | Survival: 0
Academics: 1 | Computer: 1 | Finance: 0 | Investigation: 0 | Law: 1 | Linguistics: 1 | Medicine: 0 | Occult: 0 | Politics: 1 | Science: 0

Generation: 4 | Resources: 2 | Armory: 2 | Herd: 1 | Allies: 3
Language: Japanese -1

Celerity: 2 | Presence: 2
Conscience: 2 | Self-Control: 3 | Courage: 5
Humanity: 5 | Willpower: 5 | Blood Pool: 14 14


You grew up like any middle class white collar family in Boston with a small backyard and a father increasingly dedicated to his job. Your mother died of cancer when you were in your teens leaving you and your dad deep in debt. After your father lost his white collar job in downtown Boston, you moved to the more dangerous part of Boston and fell in with a bad crowd. Being well attractive and surprisingly tough you leveraged yourself into a power position in a biker gang. After your father opened a bar in the International District your new ganger friends hung out more and more there, until one day the structure was caught in a ride by which killed your father and a few of your gang friends and left you dying on the floor, that’s when you met Garrett, who you always call Gloria much to his dismay. He turned you on the spot, rather than let you bleed out, seeing within you a kindred spirit, an act which got both of you thoroughly chewed out by the Prince, who you think is a jackass. You can’t stand the fact that Gloria has so much pull over you and are openly rebellious against anything he wants of you. You quickly tried to pull back together your old gang and get revenge, it’s been just over a year and things are starting to come back together.

Play Tips
- You are an independent woman, you hate it when people tell you what to do, especially your sire, Gloria ‘Garrett’ Buhr and his boyfriend Rick Stein
- You love your bike, a 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R, and your gang, which makes up the collection of you herd and allies and will do anything to protect them, most of them have no idea what you’ve turned into and really don’t notice cause you were never awake much during the day in the first place
- You also love your guns and always carry a H&K Fabarm FP6 Short Barreled Shotgun when doing anything dangerous, you also keep a small arsenal of weapons with which to equip your gang, but remember your gang is mortal.
-You mostly use your Presence ability to shut people up with Dread Gaze
-Don’t forget 1 BP during battle gives you 3 actions a round, allowing you to dodge and attack or even get off three rounds with your shotgun before the other guys can act

Rin Tanaka

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