Danvers State Hospital

Mental Institution



History: About 30 minutes from Boston, Danvers State Hospital was built in 1874 and opened in 1878 as a Asylum for the Insane, spread 178 acres the brick buildings of Danvers are iconically New England with a central tower reaching 130 feet on top of the administration building with lettered wings out from the center. Closed in 2006 after the state withdrew funding, the buildings have been vacant for the last 9 years. It was purchased in 2007 by Avalon Bay Communities, Inc, a front company for Last Rites. Was acquired by Steel Constructions LLC in 2015 after evidence came to light that Avalon Bay had manipulated the bidding process in 2007.


Mystery: The Imprisonment of Mary Mayfield
In late 2015 it was brought to the attention of the explorers that Danvers State Hospital was likely owned by the elusive Last Rites corporation who was probably up to no good at the location. After investigating the facility and finding some extremely abnormal psychic phenoma the team was able to corner the mastermind behind the horror but she managed to escape, leaving the team to save the imprisoned Mary Mayfield and claim the facility for the Camarilla.
Status: Completed

Links: Doctor Amelia Raven; Last Rites; Doctor Amelia Raven; Mary Mayfield; Simon
Notes: This is a core location for 3 of the main storylines currently in play, so it has a lot of Links.

Danvers State Hospital

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