Shadows Over Boston: Innocence Lost

Gaebler Children's Center
The Rainbow Room Story

Gaebler Children’s Center was born out of the discovery of children as young as 7 with in the walls of Metropolitan State Hospital, a fact which appalled the public and quickly lead to the building of a children specific facility on the 55 acres abutting MSH. The contract was given to the firm Bradlee, Winslow & Wetherell out of Boston and construction began in 1954 opening on October 8, 1955. The building was a marvel of modern hospitals with 3 floors of patient cells and an midline administrative and doctoral section. Unknown to the staff though there was a special room built in the facility, a rainbow painted on it’s wall with a window to beyond human understanding. This was intentional, a test the human developmental mind, a test to see if exposure to the beyond could develop supernatural psychic powers in children. Unfortunately the experimenter didn’t take into account the adult contingent involved in the care of the children, and the entire experiment quickly spiraled out of control, the same exposure that was supposed to encourage development in children caused insanity in the adults, who were already set in their own world views, causing the entire facility to turn into a living hell, corrupting the experiment with sadistic minders and polluting the connection to the beyond. The experiential a failure what ever scientists that were involved in it abandoned it and the facility was permanently closed in 1992. The facility lay dormant until 2015 when the neonates came to investigate it’s connection to the Last Rites Inc. Caught in the grips of the beyond at least one of their number came out a changed man. Now owned by Steel Industries who knows what the facility will be used for in the future, but the fact is, it’s not likely anything good.

Danvers State Hospital
Doctor Ambrose's Story

Doctor Ambrose was a man before his time, a brilliant psychologist, one of the first he worked with Sigmund Freud in the early days of modern neuroscience. In the 1870s he helped lay the ground work for what would become Danvers State Hospital, working with fellow arcanist Nathaniel Jeremiah Bradlee to make a psychic tuning fork. The original structure was supposed to last for more than 100 years without any modifications, and the Doctor was very happy with the results, the system amplified and absorbed psychic energy allowing him to literally explore the deepest reaches of his patients minds. In the early 1960s Doctor Ambrose meet Mary Mayfield, and was astonished at what he found in her head, she presented with schizophrenia, having insisted that a man named Simon had told her to commit horrible acts against her will, but Doctor Ambrose was astonished to discover when he looked deeper that not only was Simon a seemingly real person but he was alert, aware, and even charming in his dealing in the space created by his psychic network. In order to explore this abnormality Doctor Ambrose had Mary committed indefinitely and began preparing her for transition into one of the Kindred, when during a discussion with his then apprentice Director Amelia Raven, she suggested that Simon might be something more than just a ghost in Mary’s head, he might be something more ancient, she suggested they take more drastic measures with the experiment, ones that Doctor Ambrose knew would be non-sustainable within the structure he had created at the Asylum. Several months later and the young Amelia was already frustrated by the lack of results that Doctor Ambrose’s ‘take it slow’ approach was yielding, despite turning the girl without her knowledge, they were no closer to understanding Simon, nor, and Amelia considered this a much more important point, any closer to understanding how to get rid of him. In an act of betrayal Amelia Raven killed and diablerized her sire, taking over the experiment for herself and locking a topored Mary in the bell of the tower. But as her sire had known the building couldn’t take the stress and started to fall apart causing the state to remove funding and Amelia to take more drastic measures to keep the facility functioning, but by this time she had completely lost herself to Simon, who whispered in her ear that the key to defeating him was just beyond the next ridge.

Whalom Park
Samael Butzemann's Story

Obsessed with the supernatural from a young age, Samael was way ahead of his time, literally, his awakening gave him glimpses of the future, devices running on the lightning from the sky, directed by symbols arcane and terrible. He used this knowledge to build his magnum opus, using funds funneled from his friend and sometimes employer Nathaniel Winters, this magnum opus would grow on it’s own he knew till the power was enough that he could sustain the immortality he so greatly wished for, the chance to see the future he saw in his dreams. Disappearing on October 25th 1896 he left behind the legacy that would become Whalom Park the energy gathering in the complex arcane patterns fueling what was supposed to be his return, but something damaged the structure, emotions became twisted and stagnant and Samael was trapped deep within his own device. It wasn’t until the neonates came along did anyone really notice something was terribly terribly wrong. Eventually the neonates saved Samael, repairing the broken segment of his machine and restoring his communication with the outside world. The only question that really remains is, who was it that cut him off, and why?


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