Tag: Item


  • Al Azif

    The book was recovered from The Sisters shop in Salem MA after the explorers started searching for it, for a sum of 10,000$. The book was later traded to [[:bridget-bishop | Bridget Bishop]] for a written contract to use with [[:notreallyhere | Simon …

  • Heyde's Satchel

    Found in the [[:thetunnel | Hoosac Tunnel]] hidden behind a panel and recovered by the explorers. Currently in the [[:chantry | Boston Common's Chantry]]. *Links:* [[:raven | Doctor Amelia Raven]], [[:drambrose | Doctor Ambrose]]

  • Ea's Vessel

    Found in [[:heyde-s-satchel | Heyde's Satchel]] which was hidden in the wall at [[:thetunnel | Hoosac Tunnel]] and is currently being held in the [[:chantry | Boston Common's Chantry]] A psychic delving of the item revealed a shadowy image of Doctor …

  • Daywalking Contract

    This contract was drawn by [[:rei | Reiko]] based on a pattern by [[:bridget-bishop | Bridget Bishop]] on a piece of stretched human leather with ink made from virginal blood mixed with heavy ink pigments. The explorers determined that it's most likely …