Doctor Amy Washington

Former Veterinary Doctor


Clan: Nosferatu | Generation: 9th
Nature: Survivor | Demeanor: Director
Haven: Natural Cave Outside Boston

Strength: 1 | Dexterity: 2 | Stamina: 3
Charisma: 2 | Manipulation: 5 [Well-Reasoned] | Appearance: 0
Perception: 2 | Intelligence: 4 [Scholarly] | Wits: 3

Alertness: 1 | Athletics: 1 | Brawl: 1 | Dodge: 1 | Empathy: 0 | Expression: 0 | Intimidation: 1 | Leadership: 0 | Streetwise: 0 | Subterfuge: 0
Animal Ken: 5 [Canines] | Crafts: 0 | Drive: 1 | Etiquette: 0 | Firearms: 1 | Melee: 0 | Performance: 0 | Security: 2 | Stealth: 3 | Survival: 5 [Tracking]
Academics: 2 | Computer: 1 | Finance: 0 | Investigation: 0 | Law: 0 | Linguistics: 0 | Medicine: 4 [Animals] | Occult: 0 | Politics: 0 | Science: 3

Generation: 4 | Retainers: 3 [Ghouled Wolves] | Herd: 2 [Wolf Pack]
Cold Breeze +1
Touch of Frost +1

Animalism: 4
Conscience: 1 | Self-Control: 5 | Courage: 4
Humanity: 6 | Willpower: 4 | Blood Pool: 14 14


You had a non-descript childhood happy and content you grew up in a well to do family in upstate New York. You always loved animals and as long as you can remember knowing what you wanted to do when you grew up it was to be a veterinarian, and when you went to college for it no one was surprised, you got your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Harvard and soon opened up a practice just outside the Boston Metropolitan area. One day about 2 years ago your life changed forever, you were leaving your office at the end of a long day, when all the animals in the building started making a lot of noise and you went back in to see what the problem was and came face to face with a bloody man who barely looked human anymore, he looked right at you and you froze, then he started speaking, and he seemed well spoken although he might as well have been speaking turkish for all you could tell. He motioned to a pile of ash with an ash stake through the middle of it, and told you now that you had seen all this you had two choices. Die at his hand, a regretful necessity of something he called the Masquerade, or become a monster like him. You don’t remember making a choice but you died and rose again that same night, horribly disfigured and feeling more like a monster than you could put into words, you didn’t want anything to do with the man who stood before you, you listened as he laid out the rules you had to live by telling you that he was the Sheriff of Boston, what ever that meant and gave you a contact number with which to call him if you had questions. It was no sooner that he left that you locked eyes with one of the animals in your care and were surprised to hear it talk to you. You ran screaming from your old life into the forests outside Boston, where your animalistic powers manifested in full and you came to run with a pack of wolves that you’ve chosen as a family.

Play Tips
- You don’t really understand what’s happened to you, your sire didn’t stick around but you have a feeling like the hair standing up on the back of your neck sometimes that he still watches you
- You never have feed from a human preferring animals, prey animals mostly although your herd consists of willing members of your wolf pack which you can use when needed, although you are loath to drink too deeply
- You turned three members of your pack family into Ghouled animals, and frequently use your Subsume the Spirit on them to travel with your family on hunts and to explore the world outside your forest, you’ve used it so many times on these wolves that it’s at -1 diff to do so with them
- Remember that if you are seen in your natural form by any credible human you are breaking the masquerade
- Use your Animalism power to summon large swarms of creatures and then take them over either through Feral Whispers or Subsume the Spirit
- You are still a doctor and although your skills are mostly useful at healing your animal friends they could mean the difference between life or death for a human as well

Doctor Amy Washington

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