Hoosac Tunnel

4.74 Miles of Darkness



History: The Hoosac Tunnel is a railroad tunnel in the Northern Berkshire towns of Florida and North Adams owned by Guilford Transportation. It runs under the Hoosac range of mountains for a total length of 25,031 feet or 4.74 miles. It took 25 years to complete and 195 lives during construction, and has taken 30 or more since completion. It remains the longest (distance wise) active transportation tunnel east of the Rocky Mountains.

In 2015 it drew the attention of The GhostSquad and became the focus of their 49th Episode which turned into a collaboration with the famous YouTuber NekoArtist.


Mystery: The Shadows in the Darkness

Status: Unresolved

Links: The GhostSquad, Doctor Amelia Raven

Hoosac Tunnel

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