Dever State School

Abandoned Boarding School


History: Originally a military camp in Taunton, MA, Camp Miles Standish was used for combatants entering and leaving the warzone during WW2 and for the detention of German and Italian prisoners. Converted to a school after the war it was renamed as the Dever State School in 1959. The campus consists of 13 dormitories and several centralized support buildings. The facility shuttered it’s doors in 2002 after a slew of lawsuits stemming from apparent under funding.

Recently the central administration building including the gym burnt to the ground in an unexplained fire, in which the night watchman died.


Mystery: The Summoning of Simon
The explorers found the facility in Taunton Mass, after making a connection to the Last Rites umbrella of companies. What they found there quickly dipped into the supernatural as they encountered the remnants of old WW2 experiments and were dragged into what seemed to be illusionary supernatural time-skips. Returning with a larger party they were assaulted by supernatural creatures that seemed to only appear under illumination, after a brief battle they managed to explore deeper in, looking to the central building as the very likely center of what ever arcane pattern was at work. In the gym they found the psychic residue of a mass murder and retreated till they could get someone with more psychic connection to take a look. They didn’t leave without adding to the party though, Lawrence had drawn the attention of Simon, a man who claimed he could make a deal with Lawrence that he couldn’t resist, and during the next nights exploration, he couldn’t. Lawrence awoke from his miraculous transformation from Vampire to mortal to find the central building on fire, the ashes not likely to release their secrets any longer. Later it was discovered by Lexx that the entire complex was created as a mirror for the Etz haChayim, or tree of life, a powerful Kabbalahic symbol, and although he didn’t see it, he suspected that the central building contained a powerful summoning or binding circle that was powered by the artifice of the entire structure to summon something unfathomably powerful into reality from beyond.

Status: Destroyed

Links: Simon; The Blake Family

Dever State School

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