Emilia 'Emmy' Wülf

Eternal College Student


Aspect: Vampire
Bloodline: Gangrel
Organization: Camarilla
Gender: Female
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Yellow [Odd Shape] (Wears Blue Contacts)

At 5’8" Emilia has a very athletic and lean build, with platinum blonde hair that looks like it comes from a bottle and sky blue eyes. Her outfits frequently change to match her situation, but tend to reflect her ‘college girl’ persona, from her track gear when out running to the pinkest of pink sleepwear at the sorority house. Her everyday outfits are usually aqua or pink.


Emmy as she likes to be called was a student at NYU when she was turned but she’s very cagey about her exact age. What is known is she’s been a part of the Lamba Theta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha since it’s founding in the 1960s, through many alternate personas, this means she has some 20+ college degrees.

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Emilia 'Emmy' Wülf

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