Nathan North

The Photographer


Clan: Toreador | Generation: 9th
Nature: Deviant | Demeanor: Visionary
Haven: Lioncourt Studios

Strength: 2 | Dexterity: 3 4 | Stamina: 3
Charisma: 3 | Manipulation: 1 | Appearance: 2
Perception: 5 [Keen Eye] | Intelligence: 2 | Wits: 3

Alertness: 3 | Athletics: 1 | Brawl: 4 [Dirty Fighting] | Dodge: 2 | Empathy: 1 | Expression: 0 | Intimidation: 0 | Leadership: 0 | Streetwise: 2 | Subterfuge: 0
Animal Ken: 0 | Crafts: 5 [Photography] | Drive: 1 | Etiquette: 0 | Firearms: 2 | Melee: 0 | Performance: 2 | Security: 0 | Stealth: 0 | Survival: 1
Academics: 2 | Computer: 2 | Finance: 0 | Investigation: 1 | Law: 0 | Linguistics: 0 | Medicine: 0 | Occult: 0 | Politics: 0 | Science: 0

Generation: 4 | Herd: 2 | Resources: 3 | Fame: 2 [Famous Kink Photographer]

Auspex: 2 | Presence: 1 | Celerity: 1
Conscience: 4 | Self-Control: 3 | Courage: 3
Humanity: 7 | Willpower: 5 | Blood Pool: 14 14


You had a pretty average upbringing in Waltham where you were always fascinated by the perverse and the strange, taking up photography at a young age you won many awards for your breathtaking avant-garde style, although your parents were less than thrilled about the scenes you preferred to photograph, mostly the dark and pornographic. As an adult you’ve thrilled the alternative art scene with your style and skill, opening your own photography studio/modeling agency, Lioncourt Studios. Producing not only some of the most fashionable alternative and scene photography in the last decade but shaping some of the industries newest and biggest alternative stars, both in the mainstream and the adult world. A few years ago you were out clubbing when you met a fascinating woman who you knew you had to photograph, all punk assertiveness and oozing with possibility, little did you know that you had bit off more than you could chew. After years of courting this woman she finally agreed to be photographed, you were overjoyed and almost like a child in your eagerness. The photos you took, oh the photos you took, you still believe they are the best you’ve ever taken, it is too bad the world at large will never see them. During the shoot, while engaging your model in a little bloodplay to spice up the scene, she sunk her fangs deep into your throat and changed you forever, telling you that she had been grooming you for this for a long time, since before you even saw her at the club. The things you’ve seen now would make the mortal world shiver, some of your best photos will never be seen by mortal eyes, although you’ve become something of a darling of the Kindred photo world, with your exquisite tableaus demonstrating the horror and sexuality, the raw emotion of the embrace.

Play Tips
- You are caught by frequent bouts of creativity, approach the dark world with a painters eye always enjoy the less looked at, it’s in your Deviant nature
- You have a weird relationship with your sire, semi-sexual, semi-childish adoration. She is your muse.
- You have always been fascinated by the horrible, never be taken aback by the darker or less beautiful side of things, unlike your other Toreador brethren you find that the terrible can be just as beautiful as the attractive
- You always carry at least a few cameras in your car, digital and analog
- Just doing your job regains you willpower, as an alternative scene photographer you are daily flouting the status quo, don’t be afraid to use your willpower for auto successes

Nathan North

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