Mary Mayfield

Former Mental Patient


Clan: Tremere | Generation: 9th
Nature: Survivor | Demeanor: Conformist
Haven: House on Public Alley 422

Strength: 2 | Dexterity: 3 | Stamina: 3
Charisma: 3 | Manipulation: 1 | Appearance: 2
Perception: 5 [Insight] | Intelligence: 3 | Wits: 2

Alertness: 5 [Minute Details] | Athletics: 1 | Brawl: 1 | Dodge: 3 | Empathy: 3 | Expression: 2 | Intimidation: 0 | Leadership: 1 | Streetwise: 0 | Subterfuge: 0
Animal Ken: 0 | Crafts: 1 | Drive: 0 | Etiquette: 2 | Firearms: 0 | Melee: 0 | Performance: 0 | Security: 0 | Stealth: 0 | Survival: 3
Academics: 4 [Teaching] | Computer: 0 | Finance: 0 | Investigation: 3 | Law: 0 | Linguistics: 1 | Medicine: 0 | Occult: 0 | Politics: 0 | Science: 0

Generation: 4 | Mentor: 3 | Herd: 1 | Resources: 1
Lunacy +2
Haunted +3

Auspex: 5
Conscience: 3 | Self-Control: 3 | Courage: 4
Humanity: 6 | Willpower: 7 | Blood Pool: 14 14


You had a rather nondescript childhood, growing up on a farm in Massachusetts. You followed in your mother’s footsteps and became a school teacher a short while into adult hood. You were committed to Danvers Mental Hospital after a psychotic break that ended with a several very badly injured children, all at the insistence of a man named Simon whom only you could see. In Danvers you were turned without your knowledge and promptly put into torpor for 50 years, the world you woke up to is nothing like the world you remember. You’ve always been able to see things that other people couldn’t see, but it’s never scared you, dead people walk amongst the living but the living don’t seem to notice, and now you’ve become one of these dead people. Doctor Ambrose still talks to you, walking beside you like a ghostly guide, helping you better understand the changes you are going through, but the biggest changes you are going to have to confront are the changes that 50 years have produced.

Play Tips:
-You are a woman out of time, the 1950s the period right before your incarceration were a very different place than the 2010s with televisions a brand new technology, air travel just starting to become a thing, the rise of rock and roll, modern technology both confuses and fascinates you. It’s like a magic out of your favorite Jules Verne books. Never be afraid to try a new technology even if you don’t really understand how it works.
-You survived the deprivation of WW2, after which you met Simon, if you ever see Simon again, you know it’s never a good sign.
-Your second sight is not really something you can turn off, and your 3 dots of Mentor are actually Doctor Ambrose, the late Tremere Doctor whom you can consult at need in a form that only you can see.
-Never be afraid, you’ve seen so many things that you have lost the normal fear people get from things like Appearance 0 creatures, ghosts, and other supernatural beings.
-Lunacy, you find it harder and harder to control your beast the closer it comes to the full moon.

Mary Mayfield

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