Officer Julianna Torres

Boston PD Officer


Aspect: Mortal
Organization: Boston PD [Beat Cop in the 6-1]
Gender: Female
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Blue

At a buff 5’6" Julianna is definitely not weak having been a beat cop for several years. Her side arm is the SIG Sauer GSR chambered in in .45 ACP issued by the Boston PD and she has a Police issue bullet proof vest in her vehicle which she frequently wears while on patrol.


Officer Julianna Torres is a night shift patrol officer in the Boston 6-1. Affable and boisterous Julianna gets along with everyone in a very unladylike manner, quickly becoming one of the guys. She spends her days studying law at UMASS Boston in an attempt to move out of the Beat Officer track, but truthfully she’s not very good at schoolwork and has become frustrated by her lack of progress.

Officer Julianna Torres

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