Ayako Amori

Shy Girl Driven to Suicide


Celestial Name: Ilanael, Scholar of Trees
Aspect: Demon
House: Scourge
Organization: Luciferan
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Age: 19

Standing at 5’4" Ayako is extremely busty and she’s used to people not looking at her face which is well proportioned behind a pair of extremely thick glasses, which she wears with tassels. She is extremely skittish, gaze almost always pointed downward with a quiet and feminine voice. She almost always acts to prevent people from getting behind her, saddling up to walls and such when cornered. She tends to wear simple long dresses, in light colors, with full collars, and often times can be found wearing a tie or similar neck adornment to hold the collar closed.


2nd Term Sophomore Honors Student at MIT’s Advanced Optics Lab, pulled an honors weighted 4.5 GPA during her first 2 semesters, but during the last semester had seen her GPA drop like a rock before recovering during the most recent semester. Has attended consecutive semesters and is set to graduate in 2017.

Was hospitalized last year for an attempted suicide where she almost bleed out in the men’s locker room at MIT, she refused to discuss the event leading to the suicide attempt with police and no follow up case was created.

Ayako Amori

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