Bennett School for Girls

New York Girl's School



History: This school was originally constructed in 1890 as Halcyon Hall. It closed in 1901, and stood vacant until another a buyer was found eight years later. Purchased in 1907 by Bennett School for girl’s, a 120 strong all girls academy with a 6 year program. Became a 2 year College in the 1920s and went bankrupt in the 1970s after the suicide of Jessica Blake and subsequent cover-up. In the 1980s several attempts were made to rebuild the structure but all attempts were sabotaged by the lingering wraith of Jessica Blake who used her powers to cause several accidents leading to several injuries and a rumor that the place was haunted. In 2016 this attracted the attention of the GhostSquad who made it the site for their 50th Episode.

Was Destroyed during a suspected terrorist weapons test on January 14th 2016.


Mystery: The Suicide of Jessica Blake
On May 2nd 1975 Jessica Blake the grand-daughter of Chris Blake comitted suicide by throwing herself over the banister in the main hall at Bennett School with a rope around her neck. All the information that Reiko could dig up lead the explorers to investigate her room where they found an arcane circle coated in black candle wax and oddly self-lighting candles in a circle. Simon appeared to the newcomer and admitted that he had made a contract with Jessica, and given her something that he was unwilling to share with the vampires, being so vague as to if the gift he gave was still around or not. Simon took his chance to step into the circle after having some time to examine it, causing the circle to turn into a pillar of white light which badly injured Fiona Kelly. The form of a man appeared and took away the crying form of Jessica Blake into the sky. Simon seemed disappointed in the results and the building was destroyed in an implosion.
Status: Destroyed

Link: Simon; Blake Family

Bennett School for Girls

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