Doctor Ambrose

Doctor's Wraith


Aspect: Wraith
Guild: Pardoners
Organization: Rogue
Gender: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey

Standing at 5’8" with wispy white hair in the chaotic coif of a man too into his job. He appears to be older than most vampires having been turned in his later years. He wears an old man’s tweed suit in what is definitely a poor choice of style. He can always be seen with a cane in his hand and wearing a pair of wayfarer’s style glasses.


Doctor Ambrose follows Mary Mayfield around where ever she goes, acting as a sort of ghostly mentor.

Murdered and diablerized by Doctor Amelia Raven in the 1960s unlike most vampires who are diablerized his soul was strong enough to remain as a imprint in the Hospital, later becoming a wraith.

Links: Al Azif; Doctor Amelia Raven; Danvers State Hospital; Mary Mayfield

Doctor Ambrose

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