Brother Black

Cult Leader/Terrorist


“We are all Heaven’s Children! Go forth and cleanse the world for His coming!” – Youtube Viral Video featuring Brother Black and disturbing images

Aspect: Mortal
Organization: Heaven’s Reach
Gender: Male
Hair: White [Apparently Dyed]
Eyes: Blue
Age: Mid to Late 30s

Appears to be on the average size in height and weight although the government has had a hard time determining specifics about Brother Black as he uses camera techniques and digital editing that make it hard for software to get a good point of reference. He always appears wearing a dark robe with a white or black featureless mask underneath, completely covering his face except for his eyes. The government pegs his age around mid to late 30s.


Brother Black’s mantras seem to encourage the idea that the current government and world order is nearing it’s end of days and that Heaven’s Reach has the obligation to tear it down in preparation for the next era of mankind. He has a disturbingly fanatic fan base growing in both the agnostic and Christian community with his use of both anti-government and psudo-religious overtones combined with the poorly explained pillar of light in New York. He is clearly a natural leader but his videos while chaotic have a well practiced flair for inciting this kind of devotion.

Brother Black appeared across the web to claim responsibility for the chaos in Boston, caused by the corruption of the Boston Central Traffic Control System at the MTA. The government did it’s best to suppress this video but it’s spread well out of their control before they could lock it down.

Brother Black appeared in a video found in the Nebuchadnezzar Technologies office declaring that Reiko was now an agent of Heaven’s Reach and to await the call.

Christopher Browne warned that he has heard some of these arguments before coming from the Sabbat and he’s afraid that Heaven’s Reach might have their backing, although this would be an extremely subtle move from the normally brash organization.

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Brother Black

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