Christian Moore

The Supervisor


Aspect: Mortal
Organization: Platinum Security
Gender: Male
Hair: Dirty Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Age: 36

Standing at a respectable 5’11" Christian Moore is definitely of military build with his demeanor further identifying him as ex-military. He likes to dress in camos and keeps a sort of shaggy wilderness survival look going. As the security supervisor for Lincoln Park he can usually be found with his 9mm Beretta 92F in a quickdraw holster and it would not shock anyone if he was carrying other ballistic weapons. He carries a large tactical knife on his waist as well.


As the Platinum Security Supervisor for Lincoln Park he was part of the team that was sent to clean up after the attack on Lincoln Park, speaking with Detective Judge in the aftermath. He seemed either misinformed or evasive during questioning, insisting that Platinum Security had everything under control.

Links: Lincoln Park; Platinum Security; Last Rites

Christian Moore

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