Gaebler Children's Center

Abandoned Children's Asylum



History: Gaebler Children’s Center was a psychiatric institution operated by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for severely mentally ill children and adolescents, located in Waltham, Massachusetts. It opened in October 8, 1955 and serviced underaged (under 16) mental patients near the Metropolitan State Hospital effectively becoming a subdivision of MSH. It was forced closed in 1992 alongside MSH, but unlike MSH which was demolished and rebuilt as a condo complex Gaebler was left untouched.

MSH was purchased and revamped in 2006 to Avalon at Lexington Hills by Avalon Bay the same company that purchased Danver’s State but they left Gaebler intact.

Gaebler as a singular facility was purchased in 2015 by Steel Industries INC under the aegis of environmental preservation of the surrounding 55 acre woodlands.


Mystery: Psionics for Kids
In the 1950s Gaebler was created as a part of the Stargate project by the US governmen part of the discontinued Advanced Para-Psionics Education And Rearing (APPEAR) program, it was well intentioned but fundamentally flawed. Using the flexibility of youth they hoped that the introduction of a fundamentally unexplainable phenomenon would encourage Psionic growth in a contained environment and it might have worked if it wasn’t for the fact that the children weren’t the only one’s being exposed. The phenomenon that was the ‘Rainbow Room’ twisted the adult staff in ways that Stargate could have never guessed, turning them brutal and sadistic, unable to cope with the otherworldly influence forcing the facility to close in 1992 before the end of the Stargate program in 1995.

In 2015 the explorers visited the facility briefly coming away scared by the out of control psychic phenomenon within, which caused hallucinations and at least one suicide. Although the facility was brought under control of the Camarilla, it’s questionable what sort of benefit could be found from such a broken experiment.

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Gaebler Children's Center

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