Shadows Over Boston: Innocence Lost

Whalom Park

Samael Butzemann's Story

Obsessed with the supernatural from a young age, Samael was way ahead of his time, literally, his awakening gave him glimpses of the future, devices running on the lightning from the sky, directed by symbols arcane and terrible. He used this knowledge to build his magnum opus, using funds funneled from his friend and sometimes employer Nathaniel Winters, this magnum opus would grow on it’s own he knew till the power was enough that he could sustain the immortality he so greatly wished for, the chance to see the future he saw in his dreams. Disappearing on October 25th 1896 he left behind the legacy that would become Whalom Park the energy gathering in the complex arcane patterns fueling what was supposed to be his return, but something damaged the structure, emotions became twisted and stagnant and Samael was trapped deep within his own device. It wasn’t until the neonates came along did anyone really notice something was terribly terribly wrong. Eventually the neonates saved Samael, repairing the broken segment of his machine and restoring his communication with the outside world. The only question that really remains is, who was it that cut him off, and why?


Zaeth Zaeth

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